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How to Make Daily Income on GNews Click Earning

Making money at the comfort of your phone or PC has never been easier. GNews has come with another way for you to earn directly on your phone.

Follow these steps to get started.


  1. Register at
  2. Login at
  3. Contact vendor to pay N500 for 6months License, which allows you to earn for 6 months on this site. After payment, your account will be approved to begin to start earning. Contact vendor on whatsapp at
  4. To start Tasks and earn, go to
  5. Follow the procedure to perform tasks as shown in this video (below)
  6. To earn more money, you need to open and read old and news, comment on them, share posts and get paid when people click your link to join the platform etc.

Make as much money as you can without any issues with GNews Click Earning.

Watch Click Earning Explainer Video