Payout Rules

Payout Rules





For the sustainability of this GNewspay community, these rules are effective from now. This will help you to constantly get payouts for your earnings.  If you don’t meet these rules with the caption “it is a must“, you will not be paid for the month.

How do we make money to pay you?

The money we pay to GNewspay members is generated from monetization on our site. Hence, to generate revenues from monetizations, it is very important to follow these guidelines.

This payout rule is in effect:


Before you as a licensed member of GNewspay can be eligible for payout in a month, for that month:

Rule 1: You must click 7-adverts-per-day. You must screenshot an ad before c.l.i.c.k.i.n.g, click it and allow it to take you to a new page. Screenshot the new page too. Upload the two screenshots to the admin on WhatsApp here.

Important Note: Clicking must be at a minimum interval of 30 minutes. If you click more than 1 ad within 5 minutes, your account would be deactivated. So keep to the rule.

Rule 2: Good News! There is no more minimum balance threshold.  This means that you can now request cashout of any amount you earned in the month if you fulfilled Rule 1 for the month.

Rule 3: Accrued Earnings. >> If you didn’t get a payout for last month because you didn’t fulfill Rule 1, you will be able to request (30-50%) payout for last month’s accrued earnings if and only if you fulfilled over 70% for Rule 1 last month.

Rule 4:  If you didn’t fulfill Rule 1 for 2 consecutive months, all your accrued earnings will be deleted.

Rule 5: If you didn’t get any payout in three months, your GNEWSPAY Licence will be deactivated and you would be able to access the service anymore.



These are the tasks you need to do to earn faster and get payout this month:


Click to Join GNewsPay Members Club.


  1. Click 7-adverts every day. It is a must.
  2. Visit site every day. It is a must.
  3. Login to your account every day. It is a must.
  4. Post news regularly on a daily basis if you’re your plan is eligible to do so. Note that posts must be of high quality and not copy and paste.
  5. Read numerous news posts on a daily basis. You can read old posts too.
  6. Comment on many news posts on a daily basis. Note that you can comment on old news too.
  7. Share news posts with your friend using the social share button (Facebook, Twitter etc) on news posts to get paid for reading referrals. Use a unique hashtag e.g #gnewspayMYUSERNAME, to share news posts on social media. MYUSERNAME in the hashtag is your GNews Username. For example, my GNews user name is “Admin”. Hence, my unique hashtag is #gnewspayadmin.
  8. Refer people to register.
  9. Refer people to upgrade their licenses and get 20% coupon credit for your referral’s license fee.
  10. Create whatsapp group, add so many people, add admin to track your activity.  Share news updates to the group every day. You will get huge bonus. Admin will also tell you a faster way to make more money in the whatsapp group. Talk to admin here on whatsapp.
  11. The license is valid for a period of 6months or 1 year after which you will be required to renew or upgrade your package. Note that your inability to get a payout in three consecutive months will lead to an outright deactivation of your license. Hence you need to work do more work to be able to earn as much as possible to cashout.
  12. You will be able to cashout only earnings from the time of account upgrade to a license.

If you follow the community policy to the letter, be sure to make huge money on GNewsPay. Also, you will be eligible to get cashout the first week of every month.


Change of Payment Method:

To pay for licenses and activate your GNewsPay account, you can pay online or pay to GNewPay PIN Dispatchers. When you pay to PIN Dispatchers, you will be able to get your account activated.

Follow this WhatsApp Link to get an Account Activation PIN. Click to Chat GNewPay PIN Dispatchers Here

The land is green for you to earn as much as you want. Get to work…




This is The Earning Table

Click Earning Task(GNN)5 to 505 to 505 to 50
Becoming a member (GNN)111
Daily site visits (GNN)111
Viewing a post (GNN)111
Logging in (GNN)111
Publishing a new Post (GNN)-33
Approved Comment (GNN)111
Viral Social Sharing (GNN)111
Referring a Visitor (GNN)111
Referring a Signup (GNN)222
Referral Account Upgrade (10%)50GNN50GNN50GNN
Number of Posts Per day-3070
Number of Comments per day2045100



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